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V-tech Creativision Home Entertainment And Personal Computing System - All Carts & Tapes

Luca Antignano, webmaster of CreatiVEmu, a site dedicated especially to the Creativision, sent us scans of almost every cartridge (and tape) that once was released for this fantastic and very sought after system.
The Creativision was manufactured in Hongkong by V-tech around 1982-1983.
It was sold worldwide by a couple of different companies.
Also there were some Creativision compatible systems like the Hanimex Rameses or the V-tech Funvision.

This exciting, classic system was sold by the following companies (related systems included):

-Creativision / Home Entertainment And Personal Computing System
-Creativision MK II / Home Entertainment And Personal Computing System
-Creativision MK II Laser 500 / Home Entertainment And Personal Computing System

Note: This "international" Creativision came with a box labled with "V-tech".
It was sold and distributed in (confirmed countries only):
Germany (Sanyo Electronics)
Austria (Spiel-Sport Stadlbauer)
Swizerland (J.M. Rosengarten)
Sweden (Elof Hannsen)
South Africa (Telefunken Microtek)
Australia (Bente - after Dick Smith stopped selling the Dick Smith Wizzard)
Italy (Zanussi -early model - the late model had Zanussi printed on the box)
China (Distributer unknown)


Dick Smith
-Dick Smith Wizzard Y-1600 Home Entertainment And Personal Computing System
-Dick Smith X-1600 Wizzard Personal Computer

-Creativision / Home Entertainment And Personal Computing System

Related Systems:

-Funvision Y-2600 Computer Video Game
-Laser 2001 Home Computer
Australia (Funvision) Worldwide (Laser 2001)

Dick Smith

Data Vision
-VZ-2000 (?)

France (maybe only announced - no system surfaced so far).

-HVC 6502 Rameses Home Computer Console and Video Entertainment Centre

-Home Computer / Manager

Please note:
Artwork of the cartridge boxes could be splitted in two different series: The original V-tech Creativision boxes (also sold relabled by other companies like Zanussi, Dick Smith or Unimex) and the cartridges sold for the V-tech Funvision and the Hanimex Rameses system.
On the left side you can see the Creativision carts while on the right side the Funvision/Rameses carts are displayed. If scans were missing, pictures of the manual or the cartridge are displayed (if available). Rarity is meant for the original V-tech carts - Funvision, Rameses, Salora or Laser 2001 carts are almost impossible to find.
Another two interesting details: Crazy Pucker was also sold as Crazy Moonie or Crazy Chewie and the Demo Tape was part of the original content of the Cassette Storage Module (Tape Recorder Hardware)!

Please click on Thumbnails for larger view.



Air & Sea Attack - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 5

Astro Pinball - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 6

Auto Chase - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 5

Basic Interpreter - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 5

Chopper Rescue - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 6

Crazy Chicky - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 5

Crazy Pucker - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 8

Deep Sea Adventure - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 6

Locomotive - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 7

Mouse Puzzle - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 5

Music Maker - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 7

Planet Defender - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 5

Police Jump - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 5

Soccer - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 6

Sonic Invader - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 4

Stone Age - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 8

Tank Attack - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 5

Tennis - Overlays 2 - Rarity (0-9) 5


Tapes (only sold by Dick Smith Australia for their Wizzard system):

Battleships - Rarity (0-9) 7

Bowling - Rarity (0-9) 6

Code Breaker - Rarity (0-9) 7

Combination - Rarity (0-9) 7

Concentration - Rarity (0-9) 7

Draughts - Rarity (0-9) 7

Factory Flare Up - Rarity (0-9) 7

Financial Loan - Rarity (0-9) 6

Grandfather´s Gold - Rarity (0-9) 7

Lunar Landing - Rarity (0-9) 6

Statistics I - Rarity (0-9) 6

Statistics II - Rarity (0-9) 6

Demo Tape - Rarity (0-9) 5


Additional stuff and oddities available for the Creativision:

Ultrarare "Werben (Advertising)" cartridge made in Germany in very limited quantities.
This cart could be programmed by shop owners to display a commercial ticker in their shop window.
Only one copy is known to exist so far and is in our collection :-)

Ultrarare set of cartridges for diagnostic purpose.
Only one set has surfaced so far and is owned by Luca Antignano

Fantastic "Homebrew" cartridge made by Luca Antignano.
It features all released games. Only 100 copies were made!

Diagnosticart. Another great "homebrew" by the CreatiVEmu team around mastermind Luca Antignano.
Contains a collection of rare diagnostic programs to check your CreatiVision hardware for example the moving-key keyboard.
Only 40 copies were made!


Additional Info by Luca Antignano:
Although a lot of "international" V-tech Creativision were sold in different countries using the same box doesn´t mean that the consoles were completely same. they usually differ in the RF modulator, and minor changes to the PCB and casing.
The "Japanese" CreatiVision is the only known NTSC model, while all the others are PAL.
all PAL models differ with the RF modulator settings, while the Japanese one has a totally different video chip, and also power supply is 110V instead of 220V!

This one was added to our catalog on Sunday 01 February, 2009.

Viewed 6178 times.

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